Using the Sensei Testbed

This is a list of all installed services and applications on the VM. All Reps that demo the use of for example AAA, or Billing are aleady configured to use the services on this machine. All components have their own GUI. You can find how to use each individual GUI here.

Please note, that the actual URLs are described in each component page and that this table only specifies the hostname and the port of the service.

Service Summary

Service NameService URLLocationVersionStarted by default
RD v2 v2 yes
ARD Repo v2 /opt/sensei/RESTArdRepov2 v2 yes
EOI v3 /opt/sensei/RESTEoiRepov3 v3 yes
SQR v2 /opt/sensei/SQRv2 v2 yes
EM multiple ports and java reps /opt/sensei/ExecutionManager v1 no
AAA /opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.20/webapps/aaa-service v2 yes
Billing /opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.20/webapps/NEC-Billing-Client v1 yes
  • for AAA and Billing there are multiple services running
  • for running the Execution Manager client you need GUI acces either through FreeNX, or X11 Tunneling
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