Resource Lookup Interface

This interface is used by Resource Users and other components (e.g. the SQR) to find Resource Descriptions based on resource ID or other information contained in the Resource Description. In the current version of the Sensei Framework, the only service that responds to RLI Requests is the Resource Directory (and its advanced resource component).

Resource Directory

There are several URL options for the RLI. Search query can contain multiple tags, a single identifier, name and description, that are passed as URL parameters in a HTTP GET request.

Service URL What it does Required parameters
RD /rli Search by Tag tag=
RD /rli Search by Resource-ID identifier=
RD /rli Search by Name name=
RD /rli Search by Description of RAI-Description description=
RD /rli paging offset (default 0) o=
RD /rli paging limit (default 10, max. 100) l=

Here is a small code example on how to use an RLI query to get resources:

    public ArrayList<ResourceDescription> searchByIdentifier(String identifier)
            throws DAOException {
        String myURL = url + "/rli";
        myURL = URLUtils.addParameter(myURL, "identifier", identifier);

        logger.log(Level.FINER, "Commiting data to {0}. ", myURL.toString()); itemRef = new;
        ArrayList<ResourceDescription> result = null;
        Response response = handle(new Request(Method.GET, itemRef));

Please also see how to run the Resource Directory.

All other interfaces work the same, just combine the code from here and Connecting a Resource User page.

Semantic Query Resolver

Another RLI-like interface is provided by the SQR Service. You can get Sensing and Actuation information (result is a resource description), or you can choose to get the sensor data or actuate directly. The following urls are available:

Service URL What it does Required parameters
SQR /sqr/lookupagent?querytype=entityattributequery&iopetype=any Get Entity with following attributes eoi1=&attribute1=
SQR /sqr/lookupagent?querytype=getcontext&iopetype=any Get Sensor Value of entity with following attributes eoi1=&attribute1=
SQR /sqr/lookupagent?querytype=Actuate&iopetype=any Actuate the sensor with following attributes eoi1=&attribute1=&value1=


The SQR also lets you do direct ARD Sparql queries and ARD-based Resource Lookup. Example Sparql query:

<![CDATA[PREFIX rdf: <> 
PREFIX rdfs: <> 
PREFIX ard: <> 
PREFIX loc: <> 
PREFIX sensor: <> 
PREFIX mo: <> 

SELECT ?description ?operation ?output ?infoType 
WHERE { ?description ard:hasSemanticOperationDescription 
   ?operation . ?operation ard:hasOutput ?output . ?output 
   ard:hasInformationType ?infoType . ?infoType rdfs:subClassOf 
sensor:Temperature . }]]>

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