Actuation Space Resource

Actuation Space Resources (ASRs) are actuation resources that provide advanced actuation functionalities such as scheduling, executing conditional and composed actuation tasks. Actuation Space Resources provide a shared memory space in which actuation tasks are inserted. For instance you can specify that the light should be turned on in five minutes or that the light should only be turned on, if it is dark.

The current implementation of ASRs is based on the OSGi-based NLE Context Management Framework (CMF). The REP is implemented as an OSGi bundle and accepts POST requests containing an actuation task as sent via the SQI. The XML schema for actuation is available in the repository here.

How to run an ASR

First, you need to get the sources from here.

Second you run the Actuation Space Resource by invoking NEC Binaries/CMF/release.win32/ContextAgent -console

Then, you run the ActuationResourceUser? project out of eclipse.

You should see a green window pop up as specified in the actuation task ActuationTaskXML/examples/coloredFrameActuation.xml.

<act:ActuationRequest xmlns:act=""
	xsi:schemaLocation=" ../schemas/actuationRequest.xsd">
		<PostCondition xsi:type="act:EntityPostCondition">
					<Object xsi:type="act:ObservationMeasurement">


The current implementation uses a simple JFrame actuator that responds to OM values red, green, blue and white. There is also a power socket switch acutator.

Any SENSEI or legacy actuator resource can easily be connected to the ASR. As a result existing acutator resources are

  • with a single interface
  • support scheduling
  • conditional execution
  • Plug and Play

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