The purpose of this part of the cookbook is to support people who want to become SENSEI Resource Providers.

The simplest solution to bring your sensors into a SENSEI domain is shown in the following figure.

Given the situation you have a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) where sensors are deployed together with a gateway that provides access to the sensors through a proprietary interface.

To make SENSEI Resource Users aware of your sensors you need to publish SENSEI compliant Resource Descriptions to a SENSEI Resource Directory via the Resource Publish Interface (RPI). You also need to make your sensors accessible via the Resource Access Interface (RAI).

The software that implements RAI and RPI is called a Resource Endpoint (REP) in SENSEI terminology. One REP can provide interfaces for one or more sensors of your test bed.

Each computer hosting those REPs (the SENSEI gateways) need to be made accessible to SENSEI Resource Users. Thus REP hosts must provide an HTTP port accessible from outside the test bed.

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