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Programming languages, Frameworks:

  • GNU C
  • OpenCV
  • OpenMP
  • Matlab


  • Linux

Work breakdown

  • Adriana, Andrei Faur, Marius - implementation of face detection and recognition algorithms
  • Andrei Voinescu - login & webcam capture


  • Image Caption module
    • input - webcam, user interface - login screen
  • Face Detection module
    • output - cropped, scaled, grayscale face image
  • Face Recognition module
    • the algorithms follow a machine learning scheme, having training & testing stages.


  • compare serial and parallel versions using image sets from Yale Faces database and FERRET.
  • analysis is made for training stages.
  • performance testing is done without the webcam caption module.
  • the system was tested on Ubuntu 9.10, with a modified gdm login screen.

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