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PTVS: ParallelTrafficViewSimulator

  • Team members: Sinziana Mazilu - sinziana.mazilu, Mihaela Teler - mihaela.teler
  • Project description: Search for algorithms for parallel data computing in VANETs. Parallelize VNSim, an existing traffic and network simulator.

Technologies and Languages

  • VANET Simulation Framework
  • Java
  • Python (not used anymore)
  • MPI (also not used - we wanted to use MPI for java; but after a long brainstorming session, we decided to use first Java Threads, and after we will see)

Project Activity

  • Nov 2 - install VNSim Simulator; get familiar with it; run examples
  • Nov 9 - get familiar with HPC
  • Nov 22 - search for ideas of parallelizing VANET data computing; find solutions for parallel data computing in VNSim
  • Dec 3 - write wiki project page; get familiar with HPC; create the SVN repository for the project ( don't know :(( )
  • Dec 18 - write a start implementation for the ideas; finish to study moves
  • Jan 5 - run the simulator on the cluster, start testing
  • Jan 10 - finish study for MoVES, implement the second idea (so, modify the first one), analyze the speedup/ lack of speedup obtained, testing
  • Jan 13 - finish wiki project documentation

Project detail stuff

Last meeting

  • finish the presentation

Next meeting

  • show everyone our results