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HadoopA51: Hadoop implementation of an rainbow table generator and searcher for cracking the A5/1 cypher

  • Project members: Lucian Adrian Grijincu - lucian.grijincu
  • Project description: the A5/1 cypher used to encrypt data sent over the air between a cell phone and a cell tower was proven broken several times. In 2009 a group of reserchers started to generate rainbow tables for A5/1 using CUDA machines. We seek to analise the generation of rainbow tables and the search on those tables on a distributed Hadoop cluster.

History & Motivation

A5/1 is one of the most prolific stream ciphers used worldwide (surpassing the one used in ssh or https by total size of encrypted data per year). It is used to provide OTA communication privacy and authentification in the GSM cell phone networks between a cell phone and the first cell tower.

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